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Info Prague offers a variety of walking tours that are ideal for all kind of visitors. Make sure to check out all the walking tours we offer in Prague.

We also know that travelling to Prague for people with limited mobility (people on wheelchairs, seniors or families with small children) can be challenging. That is why we came up with many alternations of our tours to suit this category. If you are one that prefers this type of tour, feel free to go through our list and find the tour that suits you the best.

Hop On Hop Off

The Hop On Hop Off service is perfect for travellers with limited time but also for people who choose to stay in Prague for a couple of days. This is one of our most popular service we offer so make sure to not be behind!

With us, you can also book a bus tour to the most attractive places in the entirety of Czech Republic. Our capital city perfectly represents how beautiful all of our country is. You can see for yourself.